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After months of planning and preparation, three indigenous Mayan women whom I worked with this summer on a Fellowship with Nest and Oxlajuj B’atz’ finally arrived in the U.S. today! From September 21-27, they are touring the midwest with beautiful, handmade hooked rugs.

An artisan from the indigenous community of Quiejel displays the raw materials needed to produce the beautiful rugs. Each of the rugs are hand-made from strips of recycled clothing, with colorful designs indicative of Mayan culture and tradition.

The journey is an emotional one for all three women, who have always dreamed of visiting the U.S. yet are saddened by their friends, family, and community members who will likely never have the opportunity. See below for a short video showing their reactions immediately after finding out that the trip was a go!

For more information about the trip, check out the following article, Rug hooking brings big change in lives of Mayan women!