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Vozz, a name created by youth in Guatemala City’s crime-ridden Zone 1 to capture the spirit of having a voice or voz to their stories, will create opportunities for youth to be trained by local reporters and seasoned election trainers, to share their stories from their municipalities, and to distribute those stories under a Creative Commons License on http://www.vozz.com.gt.

On September 11, 2001, as Guatemalans around the country waited in lines for up to two hours to vote for the country’s next President, a cohort of young Guatemalan reporters – armed with flip cameras, pencils, and reporter’s notebooks – traversed the countryside, seeking to capture the momentous day with pictures, videos, and innovative news reports. The project is called ¡Vozz!, and represents a unique citizen journalism project started this past year as a way to promote engagement and political activism for Guatemalan youth – the age-group with the highest voting abstention rates in the country. For more information, see Youth Cover Guatemalan Election, or the organization’s pitch on spot.us, a community-funded reporting project.

To see more pictures, videos, and stories from the September 11th election, visit the program’s website, and stay tuned for more updates from ¡Vozz! during the runoff election in November!