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This summer, Guatemala City’s mass transit system, Transurbano, launched a “For Women Only” bus system, to combat the rampant sexual harassment that Guatemalan women are constantly facing in transit.

Indicated by a pink "mujeres" sign, a new fleet of busses in Guatemala City are reserved for ony women. The new initiative is meant to address the high rates of sexual harassment of women on Guatemala's bus system.

In an article in Global Issues, Edgar Guerra, president of the non-government association of bus system users and a key supporter of the new initiative, explains how women are constantly mistreated while on Guatemala City’s public transportation system:

Men grope them, treat them rudely, and rub against them from behind. There have even been cases of rape. This is our concern, because our sisters, daughters, and mothers ride the buses.

Only time will tell if the initiative will be successful, but for now, it’s wonderful to see a positive initiative focusing on the rights and safety of Guatemala’s women.

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