Super exhausted from the past few days so just a quick update (with lots of pictures!). It’s been great spending some time in Pana this week – I’m still living at the hotel but it’s actually pretty nice and by now, I’m on a first name basis with pretty much everyone on the staff. Big new though – as of June 29th I will no longer be homeless! I’m moving into a big two-bedroom apartment right on Calle Santander, Pana’s main street, and I have a roommate who will be coming down in August to be a kindergarden teacher at one of the international school’s here. Rent is a whopping $165/month for each of us…not so bad 🙂 The biggest thing I’m looking forward to is having a kitchen and being able to cook, and I’ll also have a beautiful roofdeck which will be nice to hang out on.

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Other than that, all has been well. A few highlights from the week: selling FIVE water filters a la vez (at once) to a school during an office campaign on Tuesday, going to my coworker Juana’s house in El Triunfo for a lunch of fried chicken and meeting the other women in her artisan group, Sanik (side note: one of the projects we’re working on is planning a summer sale for the cooperative – check out their beautiful products here!), selling 18 pairs of glasses in an office campaign this morning (nearly an office record), kicking off some research on a new potential SolCom product, a discounted pack of school supplies to be sold at the beginning of the Guatemalan school year, and leading a critical reflection session for my group of students by the lake (shout-out to GPP!). I’ve also been getting to know some of the other Pana locals, and had a great time both at a churrasco (barbecue) a few days ago and at trivia night at La Palapa, a local bar/gringo hangout. That’s all for now – more soon!